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Year: 2019-2020
DanceForce Member: Elena Mosley
Partnering Member: Ivan Sygoda
Artists: Oluwadamilare Ayroinde, Bria Bacon, Miriam Gabriel, Kyle Marshall
Community Partners: Basilica, Hudson NY;
Hudson City Library;
Space 428, Hudson
County: Columbia
Kuumba Dance and Drum proposes a 4-day residency in Hudson, NY with Kyle Marshall and Company from June 10-June 13, 2020. Kyle Marshall, the 2018 Bessie Award artist, will work to develop "Reign”, an evening length work shrouded in Christianity’s influence on the body, and American culture. Using text from Holy Bible as impetus, dancers Oluwadamilare Ayroinde, Bria Bacon, Miriam Gabriel, Kyle Marshall and Myssi Robinson along with sound designer Cal Fish, are in a process to understand how words and belief have the power to influence bodies, communities and nations. With this dance, Kyle seeks "to undo mainstream white supremist depictions of celestial beings, embody old and new ways of uplifting the spirit, and release guilt from our queer bodies.” Reign is interested in how a theater can become a sanctuary, an audience a congregation, as we create a space for reflection, truth and joy in an age of unbelief. The Hudson Residency will take place from June 10 to June 13, 2020. The Hudson Area Library will serve as a community partner to present a public movement workshop and discussion about Reign prior to the public performance on June 13, 2020.
Year: 2018-2019
DanceForce Member: Elena Mosley
Artist: Adam Weinert
Community Partners:
Hudson City Library; Hudson Hall
Audience: 736
County: Columbia
Adam Weinert’s project began in September of 2018, with Augmented Reality Technology Workshops in collaboration with community partner Hudson Area Library. Three after school two-hour workshops taught 18 students dance movement and introduced technology in the form of a mobile app created specifically for this project. The app allows the public to view archival footage as well as documentation of the performances simply by opening the app on their mobile devices and pointing the device at specific locations on site. The Digital Dance tweens and teens worked with Adam on exploring movement and creating choreography and they created site specific video of their performances.The Hudson Library partnership was very receptive and appreciative of the project. Augmented Reality experience culminated in a two-hour community gathering. Library staff created a display for patrons that explained how to upload the app and go to the various locations. People did upload the app to their phones and were very interested in the process and in viewing the videos. The community stayed longer than the event was running and were really engaged not only in the dance performance of the kids led by Adam, but also in visiting the sites at which the augmented reality movement was created. 37 people were in attendance.
DanceForce Member: Elena Mosley
Artist: Artichoke Dance Company
Community Partners: Art Omi; Hudson City Library; Perfect 10
Audience: 492
County: Columbia
The Liberate the Earth! Dance Project was a collaboration between choreographer Lynn Neuman of Artichoke Dance Company, Ruth Adams of Art Omi, a beautiful sculpture park, and DanceForce member Elena Mosley of Kuumba Dance and Drum. Lynn Neuman was chosen from three artists who had participated in Art Omi’s Annual Dance Residency Program. Lynn’s commitment to taking a stand on environmental issues and expressing them through dance is a unique and compelling artist statement. After several planning meetings in NYC, Art Omi in Ghent, NY, and at Operation Unite Education and Cultural Arts Center in Hudson, NY, Liberate the Earth! Dance Project was off to a great start.

Year: 2015-2016
DanceForce Member: Elena Mosley
Artists: Paz Tanjuaquio, Todd Richmond
Community Partners: City of Hudson
Audience: 210
County: Columbia
Kuumba Dance and Drum presented Topaz Arts in the "Dancing Green” project. Artistic Director and choreographer Paz Tanjuaquio used the green environment to connect the audience with dance. Paz presented "Mind Field”, which was created within a set piece that simulated abstract fields and orchards. Rather than perform on a traditional stage, Mind Field was performed creating a sensory experience for the audience to watch as well as move through different painted scenes. Although the research for the work was done in Japan and the Philippines, "Mind Field” explored the interrelated practices of agriculture and art that shapes our culture and our landscape; very appropriate for the main aspect pf Columbia County which is agriculture. The setting of the performance was changed from an inside space to the beautiful Hudson River Front Park, which offered much green scenery along the Hudson river. The building of the set was exciting in itself. Many people watched as Todd built the bones of the performance sculpture, then applied a beautiful abstract flowery-landscape canvas. The lighting, the next layer of the design, illuminated the beauty of the art work. Once the music filled the atmosphere and the dancers appeared, the audience was transported to a natural paradise.
Year: 2014-2015
DanceForce Member: Elena Mosley
Artists: Isabela Del Dia, Kati Garcia-Renart, Stefanie Weber
Community Partners: Columbia-Greene Community College, Hudson City Library, Hudson Opera House, Kaatsbaan International Dance Center
Audience: 451
 Counties: Columbia, Dutchess

"Rhythm Feet” introduced the relationship of music and movement, highlighting similarities and differences between tap and Flamenco dance. The receiving community consisted of dancers and non-dancers who may have never experienced either of the dance forms. Flamenco artist Kati Garcia-Renart, currently on staff at the Kaatsbaan Dance Center in Dutchess County, tap artist Stefanie Weber of MA, and hip hop artist Anthony Molina shared a variety of experiences which included two history and film/lecture demonstrations, 22 classes, 1 evening concert performance and 2 informal showings. Although all Rhythm Feet activity was open to the public, special outreach was made to several new organizations: Perfect 10, a girls empowering group; Kites Nest, a creative youth initiative; and the Hudson Promise Neighborhood. New community project partner, The Hudson Area Library, hosted the Tap History and Film Lecture Demonstration. The Hudson Opera House hosted the Flamenco History and Film Lecture, as well as a series of classes. Hip hop artist Anthony Molina, an unforeseen partner in the project, was added by happenstance. There was an overlapping of projects during the beginning week of tap dance. The timing of classes and the crossover of participants led us to additional tap classes and the integration of hip hop as a natural Rhythm Feet partner at the Hudson Opera House venue. Another new partner, Kaatsbaan Dance Center, opened their dance studio for the adult Flamenco dance intensive. The reaction to performers of the Isabela del Dia company, Stefanie Weber and blues singer Robin O’Herin was exciting. Guy Apicella’ s reaction (the director of Columbia Greene Community College Performing Arts Center) was surprising to say the least. Immediately after the concert, Mr. Apicella asked to plan a return visit by all artists.
Year: 2012-2013
DanceForce Member: Elena Mosley
Artists: Donna Barrett, Zworkie Nelson, Aszmara Sherry, Manque Sylla
Audience: 803
Counties: Albany, Columbia
Kuumba Dance and Drum offered a 3 day African Masters Residency Program, as part of a follow-up / continuation of the 2011 residency examining contemporary expression of today’s African artists, African American artists and other artists considered outside the African Diaspora, with related dance and music styles.The conference occurred from October 6 through December 28th, 2012. Several artists were invited back and new artists were included. Dance artists returning included: Youssouf Koumbassa, former artist of Ballet Djoliba, the National Ballet of Guinea; Azsmara Sherry combines Modern Dance with traditional Arab and Turkish dance, and Manque Sylla of Guinea. Regional artists included Zworkie and Felix Nelson, John Dixon, Anthony Molina, Donna Barrett and Kuumba Dance and Drum. Kuumba and the Hudson Opera House collaborated on two concerts 1) Kon Koura Guinea, lead by Mangue Sylla and 2) Transition Ensemble, which featured Aszmara. The Transition Ensemble, a fusion of Jazz with modern and traditional music of the Middle East, with Souren Baronian (Reeds) and Haig Manoukian (Oud), and Swiss singer and percussionist Cornelia Kraft, was well received at the Hudson Opera House.
Year: 2011-2012
DanceForce Member: Elena Mosley
Artists: Donna Barrett, Yousouf Koumbassa, Aszmara Sherry, Manque Sylla
Community Partners: Columbia County Department of Tourism; Hudson Opera House; Taconic Hills High School
Audience: 2,160
County: Columbia
Kuumba Dance and Drum presented a 3 day African Masters Residency Program, examining the contemporary expression of today’s African artists, African American artists and other artists considered outside the African diaspora, with related dance and music styles. The conference presented patrons with a variety of choices, with both direct and indirect African influences, connecting traditional and contemporary expression.The conference opened on October 8, with playwright/photographer Thalia Cunningham’s African photo exhibit, seen by over 900 people through October 30th, 2011 at the Hudson Opera House. Workshops were taught by extraordinary music and dance artists: Youssouf Koumbassa, former artist of Ballet Djoliba, the National Ballet of Guinea; Manque Sylla; the Kon Koura Dance Company Guinea, Harambe Dance Company, Aszmara representing the Middle East and Sonal Bhatt with traditional dance from India. Theater Motus from Montréal performed a "Baobab”, a West African fairytale incorporating dance, music, and puppetry for 730 students and faculty and a community evening performance at Taconic Hills School District. Len Cabral shared African Americans stories immediately after, dances of the Congo workshop with Diata Diata. It was an interesting process to watch people entranced by Diata Diata drumming and beauty of the dance participants, then the shift to a younger set settling in for the storyteller. Aszmara Sherry’s workshop was stopped only because she needed a break for her performance; dancers immediately asked for her to return. AMC Concert I was very exciting with Aszmara and Kon Koura Guinea. This AMC energy carried over to the outdoor AMC Concert II with Harambee Dance Company along the beautiful Hudson River. Hudson Opera House, one of our partners, held a weekend of activities on and around a floating Barge and AMC Concert II was a huge part of the event. On October 22nd, Sonal Bhatt’s Indian dance workshop drew a surprisingly family audience and most attending Kuumba events for the first time. The Highlight of AM Concert III was the visual and auditory connection of African music and dance with Sonal Bhatt, Wild Roses Belly Dance Troupe, Kuumba and Middle Eastern dancer Lila. The audience was engaged and participated in each aspect of the concert. This was a unique experience for both audience members and artists.
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