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Hello, my name is Nusrat Begum. I am 18 years old and a senior at Tech Valley High School. I have been working at Operation Unite Education and Cultural Arts Center for about 3.5 years now, and may I say being a part of this organization has been one of the best choices I’ve made. Operation Unite has helped me experience and learn so many things I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t joined. I’ve been a part of many programs and have made many connections with the peopleof this community. Many of my friends don’t believe me when I say I’m Facebook friends with the mayor of Hudson, but I can’t blame them it is pretty unbelievable.

Although I have worked there for almost 3.5 years, I started off in a program called, Next Gen. This was a program that allowed me to see what Operation Unite was like. I, along with two other high school students was part of Next Gen. (next generation). We participated in things such as Community Beautification, Kuumba Dance and Drum, and many more programs. Through the Community Beautification program, I learned the importance of patience, and sanitation. It takes time to clean around the trees, but the outcome is always worthwhile. I love driving down the street and being able to say, "I helped make those trees beautiful and bright”. Through Kuumba Dance and Drum I learned the importance of staying organized, how to pay attention, and how to lead. Here I helped take attendance and led some of the dances that I knew well. I was able to adapt and be comfortable while helping teach new steps and review old ones. This program ended up being one of my favorites.
Speaking of favorite programs, some of the others I participated in include Hudson Youth Government Day, Get Up & Stay Up, Building Up Hudson, and of course The Hudson Black Arts and Cultural Festival and Parade. Through Hudson Youth Government Day, I have been able to express my love for government and even sit down with city officials and express some ideas I have for this city. They are willing to listen and even adopt some of our ideas into reality. It is really nice to see a city where the city officials are people you can approach and talk to. With this event, I also like to be able to go and make connections with not only the city officials but people who work throughout City Hall and even the Police Station.

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